a world where every child, counts

a world where every child, is safe

a world where every child, lives with dignity

SINCE 1990

CCDT has actively addressed deprivation and marginalization of communities and children in Mumbai’s slums, transforming over two million lives.
OUR VISION : A world where every child counts; a world of children living in dignity.
OUR MISSION : Community action combating hunger, disease and discrimination.

How we began.
Hear from our
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We focus on four key areas: Maternal & Child Health and Nutrition,
HIV/AIDS, Adolescent Empowerment and Child Protection
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Pioneers in enhancing the health of
marginalized and vulnerable
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Here’s how you can get involved.

Strengthening Field Workers

CCDT's Sahyog program community organizers participated in a training workshop at St Pius College, Goregaon, from 23rd-25th January 2018, that was facilitated by Dr. Gopal Panghe, a UNICEF consultant.The workshop focused on maternal and child health and participants...
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‘WASH Agents’ of Change

Sandeep Chauhan, a fifteen-year-old tribal resident of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, turned youth activist for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) in his pada, shares his story of what motivates him to advocate for toilets in his community. “I was three...
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Ending Preventable Stillbirths

Yasmin Madanvar Shaikh, a beneficiary of CCDT’s mMitra program shares how the mobile-health program designed to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity in urban slum communities, enabled her to deliver a healthy baby after two failed attempts. “When I first conceived,...
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Superheroes Stand Against HIV Stigma

Discrimination continues to affect the lives of millions of people infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, around the world. They are often cut off from their families, fired from jobs, isolated in hospitals, or left unemployed — simply on account of their health...
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Living Life Positively with HIV

Enabling Families Affected or Infected with HIV/AIDS to Live Life Positively India is home to the third largest number of people living with HIV in the world (UNICEF). More than a quarter-century ago, when HIV/AIDS was endemic and the Government of India launched its...
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Building Self-Reliant Families that are Affected or Infected by HIV/AIDS

"I was sick of living... I even tried committing suicide by drinking phenyl. I didn’t want my children to be institutionalized after my husband and I were no more, so I tried to take their lives as well." When Shabina Khan found out she had HIV in 2008, she considered...
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