a world where every child, counts

a world where every child, is safe

a world where every child, lives with dignity

SINCE 1990

CCDT has actively addressed deprivation and marginalization of communities and children in Mumbai’s slums, transforming over two million lives.
OUR VISION : A world where every child counts; a world of children living in dignity.
OUR MISSION : Community action combating hunger, disease and discrimination.

How we began.
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We focus on four key areas: Maternal & Child Health and Nutrition,
HIV/AIDS, Adolescent Empowerment and Child Protection
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Pioneers in enhancing the health of
marginalized and vulnerable
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Impact Story | Railway Childline

Story written from a Case Worker's Perspective   The Child Reunites with his Family and Returns Home “As I started to work as a Coordinator, this was my first case and that too from Uttar Pradesh. It was evening when I received a call from Childline that the very...

Pernia’s Pop-Up Show Festive 2018

CCDT participated in the Pernia Pop- Up Show Festive at Nation Sports Club of India from 20th to 22nd September 2018. In this, we reached out to people for supporting the mission of CCDT: 'Community action combating hunger,disease and discrimination'. At the event,...

Nutrition Week Celebration

The National Nutrition Week is celebrated every year from the 1st to 7th September across India. The theme for this year’s Nutrition Week is 'Go Further With Food.' The main objective of this annual event is to increase awareness on the importance of proper nutrition...

Community Development Project Dissemination

  On September 8 2018, children and volunteers gathered at Prathana Mandir, Shirdinagar in Nallasopara for the closing event of the Community Development Project. The programme started by welcoming the guests and participants. Ninad Phaterphekar, CEO,...

A Platform for Protection: Railway Childline

Ensuring all children have a safe, stable, and nurturing environment is an important goal for public health in India. Adverse childhood experiences threaten the development of a child by undermining his/her sense of safety, security and nurture. CCDT Railway Childline...

Mother’s Creed: Breastfeed

Infant mortality is one of India's most persistent health concerns. Breastfeeding is known to reduce child mortality, and has numerous health benefits which extends into adulthood. Breast milk is the best nutritional food source for infants and should be available to...