a world where every child, counts

a world where every child, is safe

a world where every child, lives with dignity

SINCE 1990

CCDT has actively addressed deprivation and marginalization of communities and children in Mumbai’s slums, transforming over two million lives.
OUR VISION : A world where every child counts; a world of children living in dignity.
OUR MISSION : Community action combating hunger, disease and discrimination.

How we began.
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We focus on four key areas: Maternal & Child Health and Nutrition,
HIV/AIDS, Adolescent Empowerment and Child Protection
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Pioneers in enhancing the health of
marginalized and vulnerable
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Impact Stories | Tina

At age seven, Tina had never seen the inside of a school. Her mother was a commercial sex worker in Kamathipura and Tina's education, health and welfare were severely neglected. When Tina was registered at CCDT's Residential Care Center, the program staff went the...
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Impact Stories | Sandip

A nine year old orphan, Sandip (name changed) was brought to CCDT’s Residential Care Center by a social worker from Mumbai Central in 2003. His father had died of HIV three years earlier and his infected mother was admitted to hospital on account of her failing...
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Impact Stories | Ganesh

When his two younger brothers Raju and Ravi went missing, Ganesh suspected that they had been lured by the city of glamour: Mumbai. The three brothers lived together in Reva, a small hamlet in Bhopal. Anxious and deeply agitated, Ganesh called Childline, a twenty-four...
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Impact Stories | Anita

These were questions that overwhelmed Anita at the time we met her. The anxieties were real. As echoed by hundreds of parents, families, and children infected and affected by HIV/ AIDS, the uncertainty of survival sadly forms the preamble of all our first meetings...
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Impact Stories | Shama

Shama (name changed) was 4 years and 11 months old at the time of admission to Ashray Center. She was referred by Prerana Organization in August 2012. Shama’s family comprised of her mother and siblings. Her mother was a victim of Commercial Sexual Exploitation. She...
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Impact Stories | Rupa

Rupa (name changed) was only 23 months old at the time of admission to Ashray Center. She was referred by CCDT’s Childline Project along with her older sister. She was severely malnourished then. She was referred for health care and safe shelter. Rupa along with her...
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