a world where every child, counts



a world where every child, is safe



a world where every child, lives with dignity


SINCE 1999

CCDT has actively addressed deprivation and marginalization of communities and children in Mumbai’s slums, transforming over two million lives.
OUR VISION : A world where every child counts; a world of children living in dignity.
OUR MISSION : Community action combating hunger, disease and discrimination.

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We focus on four key areas: Maternal & Child Health and Nutrition,
HIV/AIDS, Adolescent Empowerment and Child Protection
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Pioneers in enhancing the health of
marginalized and vulnerable
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Stilling Preventable Stillbirths

Geeta spoke reluctantly about her previous stillbirths. “I don’t like to think about the past”, she said, “I was devastated after each of my three stillbirths. The first one happened when I was in my sixth month. Suddenly one day, my stomach became very heavy and I...
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Run for CCDT!

We’re raising funds to support our community health program for families affected or infected by HIV/AIDS that currently covers all wards of Mumbai. Support our work and run for CCDT this year at the Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM) 2018. We have bibs available...
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We Are Hiring!

Committed Communities Development Trust a 26 year old Trust has been shaping lives, building empowering communities, advocating child rights and child protection to Build a Safer Tomorrow since our first project in 1990. Employees have always been one of...
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The first few years…are forever

The first 1,000 days — the period during a women’s pregnancy and the child’s first two years of life — represent a crucial window of opportunity to prevent malnutrition. Since 2014, CCDT’s Urban Nutrition Initiative has worked to reduce malnutrition by...
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Giving each child a great start in life

The evidence for exclusive breastfeeding starting at birth as the basis of early childhood development is indisputable — babies fed exclusively on breast milk for at least the first 6 months have the best chance of thriving through childhood and...
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Notes from the Founder

The celebration of CCDT’s silver jubilee year is also an opportunity for us to stop, think and look back on our journey of the past 25 years. We started in 1990, with communities that were hitherto not even visited, with people that lived on the fringes,...
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