a world where every child, counts



a world where every child, is safe



a world where every child, lives with dignity


SINCE 1990

CCDT has actively addressed deprivation and marginalization of communities and children in Mumbai’s slums, transforming over two million lives.
OUR VISION : A world where every child counts; a world of children living in dignity.
OUR MISSION : Community action combating hunger, disease and discrimination.

How we began.
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We focus on four key areas: Maternal & Child Health and Nutrition,
HIV/AIDS, Adolescent Empowerment and Child Protection
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Pioneers in enhancing the health of
marginalized and vulnerable
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Bachho Ke Bol

"If we are to solve children's problems that we must start by first asking children themselves"  —  Child Protection Committee Member, Sandhya Sahu (age 15) To ensure that the 'Voices of Children' reach custodians of their safety and development, CCDT's Child...
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Childline Se Dosti

CHILDLINE Se Dosti has become an established nation-wide awareness campaign making ordinary citizens stakeholders in Child Protection. The aim is to acquaint the community with the concepts of Child Rights and Child Protection and make them pro-active in order to create a safe environment for children in the country.

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Ensuring that Every Child Counts

For twenty two long years, Ashray has been a home to children in crisis, that are orphaned and/or vulnerable. Born into families affected or infected by HIV/AIDS our children have benefited from the care, support and family-like environment that they receive here at...
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Re-Building Lives

On August 29th this year, Mumbai city recorded its highest level of rainfall (received in one day) in the last decade. Vast areas of the city were flooded-out, including our project areas in Borivali National Park and Bandra pipeline. Several families from these...
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Lighting Up Lives!

The bright and beautiful annual celebration of Diwali is here. The word Diwali means "rows of lighted lamps" and it is known as the Festival of Lights.  In celebration, children from our Crisis Intervention Center: Ashray participated in games, dancing and Rangoli...
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Stilling Preventable Stillbirths

Geeta spoke reluctantly about her previous stillbirths. “I don’t like to think about the past”, she said, “I was devastated after each of my three stillbirths. The first one happened when I was in my sixth month. Suddenly one day, my stomach...
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