Adolescent Empowerment


“Empowering adolescents to be able to contribute meaningfully to their own development and positively influence development efforts within their communities.”


CCDT’s Adolescent Empowerment Program encourages children to be catalysts of change in their own communities, to become self reliant and productive members of society who are capable of making informed decisions that benefit themselves and society at large. It strives to build ‘tomorrow’s leaders’.

The program engages children and adolescents (aged 12—18 years) from marginalized slum clusters in Mumbai, with scarce opportunities for education and livelihood—who are exposed to violence, despair, substance abuse and diseases. The program encourages children to develop a healthy mind and body, as well as embrace good cultural practices and beliefs. It draws attention to unhealthy social practices such as child marriage, gender inequality, violence against women and exploitation of children.


Life Skills Education: Conducting different life skills sessions with children to enable them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life.

Information Sharing: Providing correct and valuable information to childrenand adolescents so as to safeguard them from abuse or violence, and enable them to leverage existing support networks and services.

Follow-up with Parents: Keeping parents updated on important information regarding healthcare services, Right to Education and different government services and provisions.

Ensuring Zero Dropouts: Ensuring that no child drops out from school and striving to re-enroll children who have.



Child Leaders