Sponsor a Child

Every Child Counts. Sponsor a Child and Follow His/Her Footsteps Towards Adulthood

Your contribution of INR 5,000 will provide: Education, Medical, NutritionCounseling and Skills training for a child at one of our Residential Care Centers for one month. 


From Crisis to Opportunities

Our Residential Care Centers serve as a home when there is no living family or community support. In an economically disadvantaged family, the death of parents due to HIV/AIDS invariably results in the disintegration and destitution of the family.

CCDT implements a comprehensive Residential Care Program that restores a wholesome childhood to children in crisis, that are orphaned and vulnerable, through medical and nutritional care, education, sports, recreation, counseling and skills training. The program facilitates opportunities for the healthy growth and development of these children, until they are 21 years of age, or either reintegrated with their families or extended family or start living on their own.
Providing Holistic Care

Health and Nutrition: All CCDT’s Residential Care Centers have a visiting nutritionist who prepares a seasonal menu based on the children’s requirements. Homemade supplements and a special diet are provided to children according to their health status.

Medical Support: All HIV-infected children at the centers undergo medical treatment (ART) and are supported by CCDT staff at the centers to adhere to their treatment. Each center has a visiting pediatrician who assesses the health of children residing at the centers and provides medical support as required.

Education: CCDT ensures that all children at their centers are enrolled in school. The centers engage in-house teachers and tutors to bring children up to the level of education required by their schools and enable them to excel academically.

Future Planning: CCDT encourages each child and their existing family members (extended members as well) to co-create a plan for the child’s future, that includes mapping support networks, identifying career choices and listing potential sources of income.

Psychosocial Support, and Counseling: CCDT engages in-house counselors to provide children residing at these centers with counseling support.

Skills training: Children at the centers receive life skills and employability skill training that enables the process of transition from institutional life to independent living.

Legal Aid: In some cases, legal aid is provided to ensure that children have access to property that is rightfully theirs.


Sponsor a Child and Follow His/Her Footsteps Towards Adulthood

INR 5,000: To sponsor one child for one month (Nutrition, Medical, and Education)

INR 2,000: To support one child’s education and support classes for a month.

INR 1,500: To support one child’s nutrition for a month.

INR 1,500: To support one child’s medical for a month.

INR 500: To support one child’s counseling for a month.

INR 500: To support one child’s life skills & employability skills training for a month.