Home-Visits and Counseling for Child Rearing and Feeding

Preventing malnutrition requires constant vigilance and identification of those most at-risk, such as children between 0-6 months, children who have never been weighed, are ill, are SAM/MAM or show growth faltering.


Home visits allow community organisers and health providers to understand the nutrition/dietary intake of a given family, identify, and refer high-risk pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as counsel and follow up with those at risk. Home-based nutrition counseling for mothers and other caregivers—on healthy dietary practices, exclusive breastfeeding, nutrition during illness, immunization and other optimal Infant and Young Child Feeding practices—is another effective strategy to preventing malnutrition among children. These sessions help to dispel myths related to childcare and rearing practices, and encourage practices that enhance the health and nutrition of both mother and child.


Early Initiation of Breastfeeding: Thane project shows the greatest improvement post project intervention.


Exclusive Breastfeeding: With the exception of Thane, trends across project areas show an improvement post intervention. Approximately half of the children below six months are breastfed in Mumbai.

Percentage of children aged 7 months introduced to complementary feeding.


Percentage of children aged 0 – 6 months who were given appropriate feeds during illnesses


Percentage of children aged 0 – 6 months who were given O.R.S. during an episode of diarrhoea.