Enhancing Maternal Health and Nutrition

Intra-uterine growth of a child is determined by the mother‘s health and nutritional status before and during pregnancy. A woman‘s poor nutrition status during pregnancy is among the contributing factors to intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), along with pre-term delivery, as well as other maternal health complications. Hence addressing poor nutrition during pregnancy will enable a subsequent reduction in young child under-nutrition. Effective strategies to enhance maternal health and nutrition include regular assessment of nutrition status, counseling on diet and care, promoting early registration, antenatal care, postnatal checkups, as well as IFA and calcium consumption and referral for supplementary feeding in case of under-nutrition.


UNI makes special efforts to enhance the health of pregnant women and lactating mothers. Community organizers identify and track high-risk pregnant women and lactating mothers to ensure that they receive adequate care and support during this critical time period.