UNI Program Outreach

Program Location

UNI has reached 846 Anganwadi centers across eight high-burden ICDS projects, with high prevalence of malnutrition, covering districts of Mumbai (Santacruz-Khar (E)), Nashik, Nagpur, Malegaon and Thane (Bhiwandi) in Maharashtra. Over 32,258 children aged 0-2 years and 24,721 pregnant women and lactating mothers were reached through various program interventions, including home visits, growth monitoring, Mata Melavas, nutrition demonstrations, mothers’ groups meetings, health markers days, and immunisation drives.

Primary Target Audience

Given that the health and nutrition of Pregnant Women (PWs) and Lactating Mothers (LMs) are key factors in reducing malnutrition of children, at-risk PWs and LMs within selected ICDS projects were the primary target audience. Another primary target group are children aged 0-2 years, as well as SAM, MAM and children at-risk of malnutrition. Children were identified through anthropometric measurements, edema of the feet and chronic illness.

Secondary Target Audience

Another Secondary Target Audience segment includes other caregivers in the family including husbands and in-laws, as well as the community at large, who collectively play an important role in enabling the health of pregnant women and lactating mothers, supporting optimal breastfeeding and adequate complementary feeding, as well as preventing and identifying malnutrition in children aged 0-2 years.