pioneers in
enhancing the health of
marginalized communities



Since 1990, CCDT has been
actively associated with
marginalized communities in
the slums of Mumbai and its
Beginning from our engagement with a self-settled colony of leprosy patients in Borivali, our effort has always been to address deprivation and marginalization of communities and children. Over the years, health and child protection emerged as the major domains of our interventions, with a special focus on vulnerable children and their families.
Our approach to change
comprises direct intervention,
awareness-building and
This translates into:
1) Empowering children and their communities to claim their entitlements
2) Preventing disintegration of families impacted by HIV/AIDS to minimize institutionalization of children
3) Ensuring a complete childhood – not just a shelter – to all children who come to live with us in our institutions
4) Making interventions sustainable and replicable, development inclusive with the communities as our partners
5) Networking and advocating for policy-level changes